Yuan Li's Resume

This is Yuan Li


I am studying in NC State University and my intended major is mechanical engineering. My anticipated graduation date is in May 2020.

Career Goals

The reason I choosed to study mechanical engineering is because I want to become a master in fluid mechanics. My goal is to become a automotive deigner and aerodynamics is the area I want to focus most on. With the degree of mmechanical engineering, I can enter car factories and work as an engineer at first and then after I gain enough experience I will try to start my own company.

Special Skills

Class Course Title Semester
Calculus MA 241 Freshman First
Calculus MA 242 Freshman Second
Chemistry CH 101/102 Freshman First
Physics PY 205/206 Freshman Second
English Eng 101 Freshman First
Appl Differential Equation MA 341 Sophomore First
Physics PY 208/209 Sophomore First
Engineering Statics MAE 206 Sophomore First
Intro ME Design MAE 200 Sophomore First
Intro to Comp-Matlab CSC113 Sophomore First