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ECE Department
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Yuan Lu


I received my B.E. degree in Electrical Engineering from Southeast University, Nanjing, China, in 2008. In 2009, I enrolled in the M.S. program and transferred to the Ph.D. program one year after, in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC, USA. From 2010 to 2016, I have been working towards the Ph.D. degree under the supervision of Dr. Alexandra Duel-Hallen. My research interests are in the areas of cognitive radio, wireless and digital communications, signal detection and estimation, cross-layer design, multiagent learning, and cooperative game theory.

I successfully defended my Ph.D. thesis on June 1st, 2016.


Electrical Engineering
Electronic Information Engineering


[Th] Y. Lu, "Distributed and channel-adaptive spectrum detection, sensing, and access for rational cognitive radio users", Ph.D. dissertation, North Carolina State University, 2016. [PDF]
[J2] Y. Lu and A. Duel-Hallen, "Game-theoretic framework for cooperative sensing and fair spectrum access in multichannel cognitive radio networks," submitted, 2016. [PDF]
[J1] Y. Lu and A. Duel-Hallen, "Channel-aware spectrum sensing and access for mobile cognitive radio ad hoc networks," IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, vol. 65, no. 4, pp. 2471-2480, 2016. [PDF] [Code]
[C3] Y. Lu and A. Duel-Hallen, "A two-layer coalitional game among rational cognitive radio users," in 49th Conference on Information Sciences and Systems (CISS'15), pp. 1-6, 2015. [PDF] [Slides]
[C2] Y. Lu and A. Duel-Hallen, "Channel-adaptive spectrum detection and sensing strategy for cognitive radio ad-hoc networks," in 51st Allerton Conference on Communication, Control, and Computing (Allerton'13), pp. 1408-1414, 2013. [PDF] [Slides]
[C1] Y. Lu and A. Duel-Hallen, "Channel-adaptive sensing strategy for cognitive radio ad hoc networks," in IEEE Consumer Communications and Networking Conference (CCNC'13), pp. 466-471, 2013. [PDF] [Slides] [Poster]


I completed 16 graduate-level courses at NCSU and maintained a GPA of 4.0/4.0, including:

ECE 513 Digital Signal Processing ECE 514 Random Processes ECE 515 Digital Communications ECE 520 Digital ASIC Design ECE 546 VLSI Systems Design ECE 570 Computer Networks ECE 582 Wireless Communication System MA 523 Linear Transformations and Matrix Theory ECE 751 Detection and Estimation Theory ECE 752 Information Theory ECE 762 Advanced Digital Communications Systems ECE 763 Computer Vision ECE 766 Signal Processing for Communications & Networking ECE 767 Error-Control Coding ECE 775 Advanced Topics in Wireless Networking MA 723 Theory of Matrices and Applications

I also enjoy taking online courses on coursera.org in my spare time, including:

Algorithms: Design and Analysis, Part I Part II
Machine Learning Game Theory

Here is an unofficial copy of my transcript.


03/2015: NCSU outstanding graduate TA award $95. [Read more...]
10/2013: IEEE ENCS travel grant award $500 to attend the Allerton'13 conference.
01/2013: NCSU UGSA travel grant award $500 to attend the CCNC'13 conference.

Professional Service (Reviewer)

Teaching Experience (Teaching Assistant)

ECE 515 Digital Communications (10'Summer, 12'Spring, 12'Summer, 15'Spring, 16'Spring)

ECE 514 Random Processes (12'Fall)

ECE 575 Introduction to Wireless Networking (13'Spring)

ECE 767 Error-Control Coding (12'Spring)

ECE 570 Computer Networks (14'Fall)

ECE 200 Introduction to Signals, Circuits and Systems (14'Summer, 14'Fall)

ECE 211 Electric Circuits (14'Summer, 16'Spring)

Yuan has been extremely responsible and reliable. Moreover, she is very creative and knowledgeable about the subject matter, so she has made many valuable suggestions that improved the course… Yuan has very pleasant personality and excellent communication skills. She is often praised by faculty, peers, and students. I worked with many TAs during my 22-year career at NC State, and I rank her in the top two. As her Ph.D. advisor, I also appreciate her superior research and time-management skills. In summary, I recommend her without reservation.

Dr. Alexandra Duel-Hallen Professor

Ms. Lu was extremely proficient at grading homework, came up with excellent test questions, responded professionally to students' concerns, and did everything well ahead of schedule and with a very positive attitude. I have taught 9 courses at NC State and have worked with 10 teaching assistants (TAs) during this time. In my estimate, Yuan stands out as the best teaching assistant that I have worked with.

Dr. Dror Baron Associate Professor

Yuan spent extra time, above and beyond the TA appointment, studying and refreshing herself with the topics covered in the homework problems that she would be grading. The number of students in these classes, especially in the Fall, was large. Yuan always returned the graded homework before the next assignment was due (approximately weekly). She would make helpful notations on the papers, and the students greatly appreciated her comments. Many times she would find and correct errors in our solutions.

ECE 211 has an associated Problem Laboratory session, where students are given a selection of problems to work in small groups under the supervision of the Problem Lab Instructors. The instructors circulate among the groups and answer questions and provide help. Yuan took this activity very seriously, and based on the verbal feedback from the students, her efforts were well received. Her polite, cheerful personality helped make Problem Lab a more enjoyable experience for the students.

Dr. J. Keith Townsend Alumni Distinguished Undergraduate Professor

Yuan was patient, supportive, and constructive in helping students grasp very specific homework instructions. Due to Yuan's dedication as a TA, students were successful in achieving the learning objectives of organizing their thoughts and clearly stating circuits and equations in a manner that demonstrates a thorough comprehension of the subject matter… A lab TA is expected to fully understand all course material and be prepared for a multitude of student questions. Knowing she would be expected to be a subject matter expert, Yuan watched every video lecture for the class and worked homework problems as if she was enrolled in the course. Obviously, to prepare at this level required many more hours than for what she was paid. Instead of feeling overworked, Yuan had a positive attitude, was excited to relearn the material, and treated the extra hours spent as a learning opportunity to strengthen her teaching effectiveness… As in the summer, Yuan delivered high-quality work. She was efficient and thorough in her duties providing helpful feedback to students to enhance their learning of the subject matter.

Cecilia Townsend Coordinator of Advising and Senior Lecturer

When Yuan was my TA, I thoroughly enjoyed having her for assistance during my problem lab. As soon as a hand shot up, she responded quickly to answer the student's question and even provided additional information to ensure each concept was explained well. It was clear that her knowledge on the course material was extensive. She very willingly helped us understand each problem set without ever giving the answer away, making sure we worked to reach the solution ourselves. I personally loved how she was always kind and friendly to us too, not hesitating to greet us when we first sat down at the beginning of the problem lab. Yuan is wonderful being around and I learned a lot from her!

Jacquelynn Drahuse Student

Yuan was my TA for course Digital Communications. She was really patient and helped me a lot in homework and related questions. The most appreciable thing is that she has her own understanding about the course materials, hence sometimes she can teach me multiple methods to solve the same problem, which helps me understanding the course material much better. I deeply believe she is one of the best TAs in our ECE department.

Wuyuan Li Student

I really think that Yuan Lu is the best teaching assistant for this year. She was very helpful and always on time in the TA room and even outside her office hours, offering all the help and answering all the questions related to the course contents and with the assignments in a humble and friendly manner.

Sally Samir Ghanem Student

I would like to thank Yuan Lu for the the excellent work she has done when she was our TA for ECE 514. Her quick and insightful responses on the message board really helped us understanding the course material and completing the homework. I appreciated the small hints on the message board that led us to the right direction to solving the problem without giving away the answer. Also she was easily approached during office hour or by email. I believed she had helped a lot of students.

Feier Lian Student

Yuan was a wonderful TA for my 211 problem lab during the 2014 summer session. Her enthusiasm and willingness to help definitely allowed me and my fellow students to go to her whenever help was needed. I was never afraid to reach out to her if I had a question because of her positive attitude and happy spirit. When answering a question or explaining a concept I had trouble grasping, Yuan was extremely thorough in her answer and always made sure I completely understood her explanation before moving onto another student. Her aid definitely helped me in solidifying the concepts learned through 211 and I would highly recommend her to be a TA for 211 again and even other classes as well.

Rachel E. Williamss Student

I think you were an excellent TA when you assisted for ECE 211 over the summer. You knew the material and addressed questions promptly, but the fact that you were so eager to help students is what made your performance as a TA above and beyond!

Christopher Woedy Student

Yuan was a thorough teaching assistant during my time in ECE 211 - Electric Circuits. She was always approachable and would dedicate her time to make sure I understood the caveats of every problem I encountered. What I appreciated most about her efforts was her willingness to entertain questions I had which delved deeper into the problem and sometimes addressed more complex problem solving techniques. As a former instructor and teaching assistant, I recognize that she has the ability to identify how a student is approaching a problem. More or less she identifies how they think. She demonstrated the dexterity to work in the student's paradigm but also reconstruct a problem solving method that provides insight to the student. Her help in my ECE 211 class was instrumental to my success and made the experience enjoyable. I would highly recommend her to other students that need help with their studies.

Ryan Vary Student

When I took the course ECE 515, I was really impressed by our knowledgeable TA, Yuan. She explained my questions extremely well, with clear derivations and helpful examples. I definitely learned a lot from her!

Jin Tan Student

Yuan was easily the best graduate TA I had in my 5 years at NCSU. I remember her arriving at class at least weekly, making herself available for casual questions when she returned tests and homeworks. This act of showing up face-to-face after class made her imminently more approachable during regular TA office hours. During these regular office hours she handily dealt with deeper questions, easily relating the material in various ways and facilitating learning.