Salutations, World.

My name is Yair Alonzo, I am a Freshmen in Textile Engineering. I chose this major because I was amazed by all the different things applications it has. I don't know a lot about the major but the more I learn the more I am interested by it. I have not yet CODAed so I am still open to doing other Majors. Which include Textile Technologies or mechanical Engineering.

One of my hobbys is to play disc golf. I have never played actual golf so I dont know if it is anything like it. But I feel like it is the same concepts. You start at the tee and try to get it in the basket while staying under par. It has definitely taken me along time to learn how to throw well but I enjoy it now.

  1. roll dough
  2. add sauce
  3. add cheese
  4. add ham and pineapple
  5. bake

TE110 B+
TE105 A-
MA241 B