Welcome to Cat's little page!! (^・x・^)

Hello! My name is Yulin Zhang and my nickname is Cat. I am 18 years old and is currently enrolled at NC State University as an engineering first year student intended to major in Computer Science with a minor in Statistics. I chose this major for the reason that it offers great opportunities for true innovativeness and creativity and cultivates us with problem solving and logical thinking skills that will later serve as a competitive advantage to our future careers.

My Dream Job is to be a game developer hired by famous game production teams such as Electronic Arts, Rayark or Nintendo and together produce high-quality games to the public. For me, it is definitely enjoyable to participate in the development process of my favorite games and contribute my thoughts as a player to make them worth to play. Later, after getting experiences, I will shift my path to an independent game maker that is responsible for composing every part of the game, creating truly my own works.

Photo of Yulin Zhang

Some Interesting Classes:

  1. CH101 A Molecular Science
  2. FLJ101 Elementary Japanese I
  3. MA242 Calculus III
  4. ST370 Probability and Statistics for Engineers
  5. CSC216 Programming Concepts
Club Name Club Link
Women in Computer Science https://www.wicsofrtp.com/
Video Game Development https://getinvolved.ncsu.edu/organization/vgdc