Yi-Hui Zhou (周已会)

324 Ricks Hall

Campus Box 7566

North Carolina State University




PhD in Biostatistics, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


MS in Applied Mathematics, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Research interests

High Dimensional Data Analysis
Statistical Genetics
Multiple testing

Academic Appointments

2018 - now

Associate Director of Outreach Bioinformatics Research Center

2014 - now

Research Assistant Professor North Carolina State University

2013 - 2014

Research Scholar North Carolina State University

2011 - 2013

Postdoc Research Associate University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Additional Appointments



Paul Gallins

Research Associate
301 Ricks Hall
Campus Box 7566

Tao Hu

Graduate Student
335 Ricks Hall
Campus Box 7566


Spring 2016 I am not teaching this semester.

Current Grants

Permutation Approximations for Next Generation Association

Funding Source: NIH (R21HG007840) 6/16/2015 ~ 4/30/2017
Role: Principal Investigator

Cardiotoxicity Adverse Outcome Pathway: Organotypic Culture Model and In Vitro/In Vivo Extrapolation for High-Throughput Hazard, Dose Response and Variability Assessments

Funding Source: EPA ( 83580201) 6/01/2015 ~ 5/31/2019
Role: Co-Investigator

The NCSU/RTI Program in Genetic Discovery and Prediction

Funding Source: RTI 12/01/2016 ~ 5/31/2019
Role: Co-Investigator

Multi-tissue and network models for next-generation eQTL studies

Funding Source: National Human Genome Research Institute (R01HG009125)
9/07/2016 ~ 6/30/2019
Role: Co-Investigator

Open Positions

A. Postdoctoral position in Statistical Genetics
B. Programmer

Key publications

For a complete list, please visit my Google Scholar page.

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