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Hi my name is Zafar Ahsan. I am a freshman in mechanical engineering here at NC State. I wanted to become a mechanical engineer so that I could learn to build products and solutions with machines and design. Mechanical Engineering is the sub-set of engineering I am most interested in. I want to build mechanical products that create solutions for people. I also hope to gain a minor in business so I can work to manage an engineering firm or a team of engineers.

My favorite hobby is playing soccer. I played soccer my entire life growing up and it has now become a stress-releiver for me. Whenever I can get a chance to kick around the ball I always feel much better. I dont always like to play matches but when the opportunity arises, I can't say no. Luckily, my dorm is right next to miller fields so I can play all the time!


    How To Make Pizza

  1. Get dough, marinara sauce, and cheese
  2. Put sauce on dough and then cheese on sauce
  3. Put it into the oven
  4. Make pizza
  5. done
Class Grade
MatLab A-
Economics A
Physics A