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My name is Zakaraya Hamdan (Zak for short), and I'm a Freshman at NCSU enrolled in the First-Year Engineering Program. My intention is to major in mechanical engineering. I like to create and invent new things, tangible or not, and that is partly why I've chosen Engineering as my education path at State. I'm also interested in innovative thinking, and the Engineering Entrepreneur Program seems to be very intriguing to me. Mechanical Engineering is one of the engineering fields that interests me, but I'm also very interested in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Depending on what I learn about each will help me make my critical decision in the next semester for what I CODA into.

My dream job is to work with technology that is creative and has room for growth and innovative enhancements. Currently, I'm enthralled with Virtual Reality Technology and Nanotechnology. In addition, I'm very interested in mechanics and making a system of moving parts to complete complicated tasks. I hope that I might be able to play a part in all of these career fields and might make changes to my major accordingly.

Zakaraya Hamdan
  1. Calculus
  2. Early Modern Philosophy
  3. Mechatronics
  4. Engineering Entrepreneurship
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