My name is Zach Shurow. I am a freshman at NC State. I am currently a first year engineering student. I think I am going to pick Civil Engineering as my major. I like civil engineering because I get to work with designing and creating things like bridges and dams.
My favorite hobby is to play water polo. Up until this year I had never played water polo, but I swam competitively. This semester I decided to try water polo and I am currently on the club water polo team at NC State. I like water polo because it gives me the opportunity to use my swimming skills in a different sport. It is also a very tough sport and I enjoy learning difficult things.
    How to Make a BLT
  1. Get bread, bacon, lettuce, tomato
  2. Put bacon on one piece of bread
  3. Put lettuce and tomato on top of the bacon
  4. Put other piece of bread on top of that
  5. Class Grade
    Calc 3 A
    ENG 101 B
    E 115 S