Welcome to my webpage!!

My name is Zuriya Haider and I am currently a freshman at North Carolina State University. Right now I am in first year college, so I do not have a major, but I want to major in Statistics. Statistics uses numbers and data to show trends and behavior about different topics. I find Statistics to be an interesting subject because it involves the quantitative sciences, like math, but can be applied to a wide array of subjects such as psychology, biology, and business. Math has also always been one of my favorite subjects, which is also another reason I am interested in majoring in Statistics.

One of my favorite hobbies or things to do is paint. I have always enjoyed art and being creative, and painting allows me to express my creativity. I enjoy painting with acrylics and love painting things that have to do with nature such as flowers and trees. I find that painting is very relaxing and is a great stress reliever for me. Even though I don't always have the time to do it, when I do get the opportunity to sit and paint, I really enjoy it.

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  1. Cut a portion of Italian bread into two slices
  2. Put a few pieces of sliced turkey onto one slice
  3. Add American cheese and lettuce
  4. Put other slice of bread on top of sandwich, then cut in half
MA 242 COM 112 USC 102