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My name is Zack Moore. I am a freshman at NC State and plan to graduate in 2018. As of now, I am in the First-Year College, but I plan to CODA into the college of Textiles and major in Textile Engineering. Textile Engineering interests me because it will allow me to be creative in a field of engineering and research. I want to go into some sort of engineering, but I do not want to be studying solely physics and math for four years. Textile Engineering allows for me to branch out.

Lately, I have been having a hard time finding a specific hobby that I really like. I do a lot of rock climbing and soccer, but I have recently been trying to freestyle rap with some of my friends. Granted I am terrible at rapping, being able to listen to and create music with my friends is fun. In addition, the fact that I am bad at rapping causes my friends and I to laugh a lot. Basically, I am improving my rapping skills along with my comedic abilities. Some people have begun to call me a comedic rapper, but I don't know if that career will take off.

terribly drawn dinosaur
Perfect Calculus II Paper

Seen below are the steps to make a knuckle sandwich

  1. Find a pillow to release frustration
  2. Choose dominant hand
  3. Wrap four fingers inwards towards palm
  4. Curl thumb over fingers, NOT under them
  5. Enjoy knuckle sandwich
Class Expected Grade
ENG 101 A
E 115 Satisfactory
T 101 A
rap picture