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Hello, my name is Zachary Bennett and I am a Freshman at NC State University. My major at the moment is Engineering-Undecided but I plan to CODA into the Environmental Engineering program. I want to major in environmental engineering because I want my profession to revolve around improving the environment while also helping people, which is one of the main purposes of environmental engineering. If I do not get accepted into the environmental engineering program, my second degree choice is chemical engineering. I also plan on obtaining a minor in environmental science or conservation to supplement my engineering degree.

Although I am not employed at the moment, I had a very valuable job experience while I was in high school. The summer of my Junior year I obtained a paid internship at the Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT) in the engineering and operations division. During the two months I spent at CDOT I completed/assisted in many projects that benefitted the Charlotte-Metro area. Two of these projects were analyzing 60+ hours of crosswalk footage and entering the behavior of pedestrians into an excel spreadsheet and examining restaurants in downtown Charlotte with sidewalk dining to ensure they met regulations. In addition to this, I attended many meetings where the City of Charlotte discussed the city's upcoming projects. The time I spent at CDOT taught how all different fields of engineers work together to complete large-scale projects and is what made me want to be a civil/environmental engineer.

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Interesting Classes in My Curriculum

  1. Conservation of Natural Resources (FW 221)
  2. Earth Systems Chemistry (MEA 323)
  3. Environmental Chemistry and Microbiology (CE 378)
  4. Fundamentals of Environmental Engineering (CE 373)

Organizations I would like to join while I am at NC State:

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Coasts, Oceans, Ports and Rivers Institute (COPRI) Information
Leopold Wildlife Club Information