Welcome to Zach's Page!

My name is Zachary Cameron Fearnside. I am a Freshman at NC State University. My current major is first year engineering intended, but I have applied to be an Electrical and Computer Engineering major. I want to work as an embedded systems engineer in an electrical field. I find that the combination of mechanical and electrical engineering in embedded systems is extremely interesting. Here at NCSU I believe that getting a degree in both Electrical and Computer Engineering will allow me to have a chance at getting a job in a massive variety of workplaces.

My favorite hobby is weightlifting. I find that the repetition to be extremely soothing and satisfying. I enjoy bettering myself through hard work. Currently, I work out 6 times a week doing a 1 muscle-group work out each day. I find that doing giant sets and super sets are inefficient at the Carmichael Gym as there are way too many people to complete those sets. I hope to continue this workout routine into the summer.

My Gorgeous Resume (Protect your eyes!)

    How to make the Elvis

  1. Obtain bananas, peanutbutter, bread, and honey
  2. Toast bread
  3. Spread peanutbutter on toast
  4. Place sliced bananas on said peanutbutter
  5. Pour honey diagonally across bananas
  6. Place other piece of toast on top

Class Name Expected Grade
E115 S
HON 290 A-
MA 241 A