Hello, my name is Zachary Cole Hardison and this is my webpage about me.

Picture of Me

Basics of my education.

I am currently in the Exploratory Studies program here at North Carolina State University. My intended major is Civil Engineering which I hope to CODA into soon. This is my first year here at NC State so I am a physical freshman but I have enough hours to be considered a sophomore. I hope to be part of the 2020 graduating class.

Why Engineering?

I chose to pursue a degree in engineering because for my entire life I have constantly breaking, repairing, destroying, building, and improving everything around me. I chose Civil Engineering because my skill set and desires will be put to good use and be fulfilled through the problem solving and hands on work that one will do in a civil engineering career. Once I earn a degree in Civil Engineering I plan to become a certified engineer and work for the DOT.