_Homework #4...About Me_ Visitors, welcome to my webpage! Hello, my name is Zach Smith. I am a sophomore from Charlotte, NC who is majoring in Agri-Business here at NC State University. Initially, I entered college as a Meteorology major however after only one semester in that program I realized that it was not for me. After bouncing around between a couple other majors, I decided on Agri-Business in CALS because of the growing nature of the industry as well as my own personal interest in the field. I have many interests, most of which are sports. I grew up playing baseball primarily, however I also enjoy playing such sports as basketball and ultimate frisbee as well. Some other interests of mine include hunting and fishing, hiking, kayaking, riding dirt bikes and atv's, and target shooting pretty much any kind of firearms. In CSC 200, there are many things that we have learned about that interest me quite a bit. Initially, I was not a huge fan of SNAP; however, as I began to do the assignments and become more fluent with the program, it became quite enjoyable to create scripts that perform various functions. It amazed me how you could get to the same output through many different combinations of scripts. Another subject that I enjoy and would like to learn more about is this HTML programming. Creating webpages that others can see so easily is a terrific resource to have and I am sure that at some point in my college career I will use this knowledge to create a webpage on my own. One thing that I am not a huge fan of is the use of jargon in which I do not fully understand. Complete understanding will come with time and continued use of the programs however until I reach a point where I am fluent in the language and completely understand what it is I am doing, it is somewhat confusing to me. Picture of Zach Moodle Homepage Food Group Like Dislike Carbs Pasta Yams Protein Fish/Chicken Octopus Dairy Milk Cottage Cheese Fruit/Veggies Apples Beets Fats/Sugars Chocolate Cake