My name is Zachary Bowen. I am a Freshman at NC state considering majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I wanted to become an Engineer because I feel that Engineering can be more "hands on" than other occupations and that it core goal is to improve society. Another reason I chose Engineering is because I am joining the military and a degree in Engineering will help me the most with that. I chose Mechanical Engineering because I like machines, particularly firearms and automobiles.
My favorite hobby is working out. I've been involved in sports since T-Ball when I was real little. I love being physically active and although I am no longer playing a sport I am in ROTC at State. I maintain a healthy diet and have been lifting weights since Freshman year in High School. In addition to lifting weights I enjoy running and swimming. my favorite website my second favorite website

  1. get honey oat bread 1ft long
  2. put ham, roast beef, turkey, peperoni, and bacon on the bread
  3. put American cheese slices on the meat
  4. toast the sandwich
  5. put lettuce, salt, pepper, oil, and vinegar on the sandwich
  6. buy a bag of Lays baked potato chips and put half of them on the sandwich
Class expected grade
HI 350 B
ENG 101 A-
MA 141 B
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