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My name is Zachary Foster. I am a freshman in Mechanical Engineering. I have always had an interest in the working of the world and became extremely interested in Physics through my AP Physics calls in high school. Industries dealing with MEP and HVAC deeply intrigue me. Mechanical Engineering will not only give me a chance to explore these industries, but will also provide me with a variety of opportunities in other industries.

When I can find time for it, I find great enjoyment in camping and backpacking. It is incredibly refreshing to get away from the complexity and rush of everyday life to relax in the great outdoors. I enjoy the fresh air as well as the rugged feeling of carrying all of your gear on your back. Getting to see the magnificent beauty of creation is continuously rewarding. From the crackle of the camp fire to the stunning beauty of a mountain vista, the majesty of the great outdoors never ceases to amaze me. Some of my favorite places to go are Uwharrie National Forest State Park and Grayson Highlands State Park.


Here is me resume.

  1. Put skillet on stove and start heating
  2. Take two pieces of bread and butter one side of each
  3. Place buttered side of bread face-down on skillet
  4. Place Turkey on top of one of the grilling slices of bread
  5. Put other slice on top of the other so that the buttered side is up
  6. Flip Sandwich after a minute or two
  7. Remove from skillet when bread reaches desired crispiness
  8. Enjoy
Course Expected Grade
E 115 S
EC 205 A+
STS 304 A-
PY 208 A
backpacking in New Mexico