E115 HW5a

My name is Zihan Dou, and I'm a Freshman. My major is Fashion and Textile Management. I chose this major because I love fashion and I have passion on learning the fashion world. I want to work in a fashion company. In the future I want to have a closet with my own dress collection.

My favorite hobby is traveling. I have traveled all around China and I love my home country. Among all the gorgeous places I have been to, I love Tibet best. I travled in USA two years ago. I went to Los Angeles, Washington DC, Raleigh and New York. I love New York best, because it is a fashion city and has Fifth Avenue. However, I don't think it is a good place to study. Raleigh is not as big as New York but NCSU is my dream college for its College of Textile. Traveling teaches me a lot and enhances my horizon.

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  1. Prepare two pieces of bread
  2. Add turkey
  3. Add vegetables
  4. Add sauce
Subject Excepted grade
Math A+
Chemistry A
English B