Well, here it is.

My name is Zach. I'm currently unmatriculated for Mechanical Engineering. I'm on track to graduate in Fall 2018. I chose this major because the skill set I'll gain from this area are the most achievable for my abilities and will best translate to what I'll be doing after I graduate. I'll be going into the Nuclear Engineering pipeline of the US Navy as a commissioned officer.

My current favorite hobby is running around Lake Johnson. Normally I'd say it's running in general, however I moved to Raleigh in April and have, up to this point, never encountered a challenge as unique and rewarding as this Lake. It has hills that feel like mountains, it's roughly 3 miles long (4.5 if I take detours). And there are always new faces on the trail every time I go, human and canine.

Considering I currently own a dog, it's safe to say that I'm a dog person. He's a 2-year old Corgi/Chihuahua mix named Joey and he's a little fireball of a personality. I've spent most of my life with at least one dog under my roof and have never been terribly fond of cats, mostly because I'm insanely allergic to them. My wife owns two mancoon cats back in Texas and they're probably the only cats on Earth that I can tolerate simply because they're so calm and manageable. But again, I'm extremely allergic to them so whenever I visit her family in Texas I need to stock up on some heavy duty allergy medicine in order to be able to tolerate being around them.

My best resume

My favorite site

How to make my favorite pizza!

  1. Go to your local grocery store.
  2. Go to freezer aisle.
  3. Find Screamin' Sicilian, Holy Pepperoni.
  4. Purchase.
  5. Go home and prepare per box instructions.
  6. Enjoy the best frozen pizza you'll ever have.

Class Expected Grade
E 115 Pass
MA 141 A+
MA 241 A+
PY 205 A-
PY 206 A

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