Welcome to my Webpage!

My name is Zoe Elizabeth Gobetz. I am a freshman attending North Carolina State University. My current intended major is chemical engineering with a focus in sustainability. My goal is to one day get a job in which i can research and develop alternative energy resources. My goal is for one day all the cars be run on clean alternative fuels.

My favorite hobby is staring at the trees on nice days. Though it is a bit of a strange hobby, it is one that makes me truly happy. When I am with nature and everything is peaceful, I feel my happiest. I think nature is the most beautiful thing the Earth gives us, and when it is happy and calm it reminds me of all the good in the world. I really hope one day other people are able to just sit and tree gaze contently like I do.

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How To Make A Bomb Sandwich

  1. Put mayonaise all over the bread
  2. Add turkey
  3. Add some swiss cheese
  4. Add Cucumbers
  5. Put salt, pepper, and more mayonaise on whole sandwich.
Class Expected Grade
Calculus B
Philosophy A+
Physics B+