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Hi, my name is Zach Henley and I am a freshman at NC State. I am technically an undecided intent, however, I am leaning more toward Computer Science as the year progresses. I am leaning toward this major because I love computers as well as coding and I am much better at that than heavy physics based things.

Before I came to State I had a brief period of my life where I worked as a waiter at Parker's Barbeque in Greenville, NC. I honestly enjoyed most of my time there because pay was 95% in cash and you took it home with you after every shift which was always nice. However, near the end of my time there business seemed to dull and customers were less and less frequent so the pay dwindled. Overall it was a good experience though and given the opportunity I would do it again.

  1. CSC111
  2. MA 241
  3. MA 141
  4. E115

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Engineers Without Borders
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