My name is Frankie Guo. I am an engineering major. I will graduate in 2018. I choose to be an engineer because I really love math, science, and problem solving. As a result, I would like to become an engineer who could tackle and solve problems.

My favorite family vacation is going to China during the Olympic year in 2008. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time or money to be at the site of the Olympics. However, I did came to China to visit my family who I never have met. It was really nice to meet them because they are the part of my family who loved me from afar but never made real contact with. But besides that, I really love to explore and eat in China.

Personally, I had pets before but I never had a cat or dog. However, from my experience at other people's house, I prefer dogs. Even though cats look more adorable than dogs, dogs are more of a "man's friend". They are also the stronger pet to have because I had a friend who's cat had a litter that more than half of the kittens died from anemia. Also, I had some bad experiences with cats because I got clawed and stabbed by a cat really bad one time.

How To Make A Ham & Cheese Sandwiche

  1. First, have a plate, bread slices, ham, and cheese.
  2. Then, take two slices of bread out and place it seperate on the plate.
  3. Next, take a slice of ham and place on top of one of the bread.
  4. Then, take a slice of cheese and put it on top of the ham.
  5. After that, take the unused bread and place on top of the bread that has ham and cheese.
  6. Finally, eat and enjoy.

  7. Class Expected Grade
    Economics 201 A-
    English 101 B+
    Engineering 115 Pass

    New York City