A Possibly Exaggerated Description of the Life and Time of Zach

My name is Zach Padgett, and I am 18 years old. I am studying business with a concentration on either Finance or Information Technology Management. I chose to major in business because it is a good fit for my interests and strengths. I would definitely consider myself an organized person, which lends itself to a business environment. A Finance or IT management degree also matches my interest in technology with a strength in writing and communication.

My Favorite hobby is a sport called tricking. Tricking combines elements of martial arts, gymnastics, freerunnng, and breakdancing into a single sport that emphasizes creativity and expression as much as it does raw physical difficulty. Awareness of tricking as a sport has grown recently, mostly due to the success of video complitations of it online. In 2013, Red Bull began sponsoring tricking tournaments as a part of its "extreme sports" series, holding multiple internatial tournaments since then. Part of tricking's popularity lies in its accesability. Much like Parkour or Breakdancing, there is a multitude of instructional videos on YouTube, making it easy for beginners to start learning.

This is a third paragraph, I don't know what to say.
I'd like it to be interesting, but I haven't got all day.
Writing takes so long, you know, I'd really rather play.
Play, nay, I will rest, on my bed a-splay.
A-splay? Wow, I'm really stretching now, I think I'll bid you a good day.

Totally my favorite webpage!...kinda

Totally my resume...^_^

*A brief note for those fearing for my sanity:
The pizza listed whose is used not because of the taste of the pizza itself, but for the many memories that it inspired.

  1. First, roll out you pizza crust really thin. Like super thin. If people don't think that you're trying to make crackers or wafers, you're doing it wrong.
  2. Smear the cracker-crust with mashed tomatoes. Not pizza sauce, but just plain, un-flavored tomatoes.
  3. Open bottle of cheese whizz.
  4. Liberally spray pizza with cheese whizz. Extra Note: If you are are feeling particularly creative, feel free to express yourself by make patterns with the cheese whizz, as it will not melt while cooking, but miraculuosly retain its shape.

Name Major
Jedd Physics
Peter Shore Engineering