Welcome to my Kingdom

I am Zachary Davis a Freshman, this being my first year in college. With my time here I hope to persue a major in Biomedical Engineering with a concentration in biomaterial and a minor in Tissue engineering. I chose this major because it will give the best starting point for graduate school in Biomedical Engineering. This is my end goal, to earn my PhD and then conduct research in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering for optical tissues.

My favourite hobby is sailing the great expanse of the Neuse River down past New Bern. I began sailing at the young age of nine and have continued to expand my abilities on the boat since then. For the past few years I have made the transition from learner to teacher for sailing, instructing a new generation on the basis of this ancient activity. Of the vessels I sail the Hobbie Cat, a beautiful sixteen foot catamaran, is my favorite because on this I can go fast and do insane moves, like flying a hull. Flying a hull in when you are able to get one of your hulls in the air for a prolonged period of time. Sailing is an amazing activity and one that melts away the stresses and worries of the current world.

My Accomplishments
  1. cut the rosemary olive oil bread so you have 2 slices
  2. cook bacon to crispy perfection
  3. toast, lightly, the bread
  4. lightly butter the bread
  5. place colby jack cheese on one slice of bread
  6. place bacon over that
  7. place lettuce of that
  8. finally top with other slice of bread
  9. MA242 CH221 PY205
    A A- B