E115 is my favorite class ever

My name is Zack Johnson and I am from Wilmington, North Carolina. I am a freshman in the Engineering First Year program with an intent to CODA into Industrial Engineering after this semester. I came to the NC State Engineering open house during the Spring of 2014 and that is where I discovered I wanted to do ISE. I had the chance to work with a MakerBot Replicator 2 3D printer in high school, and after seeing the additive manufacturing lab that is apart of the ISE department I fell in love. Next semester I am taking my first ISE class, so I hope that I will enjoy it. I also hope that with a major in ISE I can have a job I enjoy and can therefore make the biggest difference that I can.

My favorite hobby is to play basketball. All my life, I've played sports and by far my favorite is basketball. Growing up and still to this day, I've always loved to shoot around or play pickup or play in actual leagues whenever I can. I played for two years in highschool before choosing harder classes over basketball (makes sense, right...?) Now at NC State it is so convenient to be able to walk right over to Carmichael Gymnasium and play pickup. Practically at any time I would be able to go over there, there is going to be people there that I can play with. It is also a great way to meet new people or to hangout with friends I have already. Basketball will forever be a part of my life and probably my favorite hobby forever too.

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How to Make Pepperoni Pizza

  1. roll out crust
  2. spread sauce on
  3. put pepperonis on
  4. add cheese
  5. bake
Class Grade
PY 208 A
PSY200 A
E101 A