Zara Imam


I am a junior studying Nutrition Science at North Carolina State University. I plan to graduate in May 2018.

Professional Goals

After completing my degree in Nutrition Science, I plan on going to graduate school. I am considering several options such as Physician Assistant school, Doctor of Osteopathy school, as well as a masters program in Nutrition Sciences. My goal is to continue to work in a health related field in the future. Medicine and health are my passion and I look forward to working with patients in order to help diagnose and cure their illnesses.

Skills and Experience

Relevant Coursework

Class Course Title Semester
NTR 301 Introduction Human Ntr Spring 2015
NTR 421 Life Cycle Ntr Spring 2016
NTR 401 Adv Ntr and Metabolism Fall 2016
Bio 212 Basic Human Anatomy Fall 2015
CH 221 Organic Chemistry Fall 2015