Hi my name is Zachary Bauer and I am currently a Freshman at NC State University. My current major is Mechanical Engineering and I am looking forward to studying about it. I chose this as my major because I have always loved to design mechanical objects as a child. In high school I joined the FIRST robotics club where my love for engineering grew. In this club my skills for engineering also improved and I hope that my experiences will help me with my studies

My favorite school break is most likely summer break. As a child a grew up in Michigan and the weather in the winter was cold so the warmth of summer was something to look forward to. The main reason for this is that my favorite sport is golf and when my family moved to North Carolina we move to Pinehurst which has many golf courses. In the summer I am able to play these and I love it.

Beacon Ridge golf
I love football

    How to Make Pizza

  1. Toss the dough
  2. Spread sauce evenly on dough
  3. Place desired topings on sauce
  4. Bake pizza at 400 degrees until golden brown
Fall Semester Expected Grade
CH 101 B+
MA 241 A-
E 115 Pass
US open