Welcome to my official webpage!

My name is Zach Giordano and I am a freshman at NC State University! I have yet to officially declare a major, but my major of choice is computer engineering, and I plan to dual major with electrical engineering. I have always been interested in technology, and computers appeal to me as having the greatest potential for advancement. The world is dependent on electronic devices and computers, and I hope to enter this field in order to advance or innovate the technology. For me, this field of study is simply exciting and full of potential.

My favorite hobby is playing guitar. I have been playing since my freshman year of high school, and my interest in guitar continues to grow every day. At first I taught myself to play, yet when I was halfway through my sophomore year in high school, I began taking guitar lessons in order to gain enough skill to be able to join the high school's jazz band my junior year. In addition to this, I started my own rock band outside of school my junior year. Ever since then, I have been practicing on my own or with my band, and playing out with my band mates at local venues.

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How to make my favorite sandwich: an Italian Sub!

  1. Obtain a sandwich roll, salami, turkey slices, lettuce, pickles, and some vinegar.
  2. Slice open the roll and put some vinegar on the inside parts of the sliced roll.
  3. Toast the roll slightly to ensure the bread is crisp.
  4. Fill the roll with the salami, turkey slices, lettuce, and pickles.
  5. Enjoy your masterpiece sandwich creation!
Class Expected Grade
E115 S
EC109 A
EC205 A
MA242 A
PY205 A
Fender Guitar