Zach Hetzler: ME

My name is Zach Hetzler. I am currently a sophomore in Environmental Technology, but I am switching to Environmental Engineering. I currently live in
Bragaw hall. Last year, I was majoring in First Year College and I lived in Owen hall.

My favorite break from school is christmas break for several reasons. First, it is the longest, and second I get to see most everyone in my family while I am at home.

It's a
picture of me!

One of my favorite websites------>Google
One of my favorite webmails------>NC State Webmail

  1. NC State Wolfpack
  2. University of Kentucky Wildcats
  3. University of Dayton Flyers
  4. UConn Huskies
  5. University of Texas Longhorns


      Wolfpack Basketball
      • MA 241-Calculus II
        1. Mon,Wed, 1:30-3:20
      • E115-Intro to Engineering
      • PY205N-Physics
      • PRT462-Intro to Geographic Info Systems
      Shane Swick Clayton, NC Mechanical Engineering
      Hallie Clark High Point, NC Textile Engineering
      Fahim Lodhi Indianapolis, IN Environmental Engineering

      E115 is useful for Computer Engineers