Hello Everybody

Hello, my name is Zachary Johnson. I am a freshman at North Carolina State University. I am majoring in engineering with a mechanical intent. I am interested in mechanical engineering because I love vehicles, and, more specifically, engines. I am also starting to gain an interest in computer science thanks to this class.

My favorite hobby is a tough thing to discuss because I am always doing something new. Tennis has been in my life for five years now, though I have not been playing as much as I anticipated I would in college. I will most likely join club tennis next semester. Another hobby that has been off and on in my life for a very long time is running. I am a pretty decent long distance runner, but I go through phases where running does not appeal to me as much as it usually does.

youtube Resume
  1. Roll the dough
  2. Spread the sauce
  3. Sprinkle the cheese
  4. Put on as many toppings as possible
  5. Throw the pizza in the oven
  6. Take the pizza out of the oven
  7. Eat the pizza
  8. The whole pizza
Class Grade
E115 S
E101 A+