I am the best at HTML

My name is Zach Sweetman. I am a freshman currently in First Year Engineering. I wanted to study engineering because I enjoy math and science. I also like learning about how things work. I am interested in Electrical Engineering and also computer engineering. I am interested in these majors because I know there is a wide range of possibile jobs I could get.

My favorite hobby is hockey. I played hockey all of the time in high school. My brother and I always played hockey together. Hockey is the best sport because it is the most unique. Not many people are interested in hockey, and it takes special skills to play hockey. Hockey is also a very entertaining sport to watch, because the games are always so action packed and exciting.

I like dogs a lot. I have a pet dog named Cookie. She is a 3 year old hound mix. She looks a little bit like a beagle because of her brown, black, and white colors. She is a very playful dog and I love to play with her. I don't like cats as much as dogs. They are not as enjoyable as pets to me because they don't like to interact with you as much as dogs do.

Making Pizza

  1. Press out the dough
  2. Roll out the dough until it has no more air bubbles
  3. Put sauce on the dough
  4. Put cheese on the pizza
  5. Put toppings on top of the cheese
  6. Put the pizza in the oven
  7. Class Grade
    Physics B
    Calculus B
    Environmental Science A