Welcome to my About Me Page

Hello! My name is Zachary Keesee. I am a frehsman at North Carolina State University and a major in computer and electrical engineering. I chose this major because I really enjoy working with computers and learning about them. I have also previously had work experience doing electrical work which lead me to pursue this major. Electric cars are also something that interests me greatly, and I would love to have the opportunity to work on them, and this major would allow me to pursue that goal.

A job that I would love to have is a job at Tesla working on their electric vehicles. Ever since learning about these vehicles I have wanted to work on them. I want to be able to work on the cars of the future. This job opportunity would be my dream job.

A picture of me
  1. MA 241
  2. ECE 109
  3. ECE 110
  4. PY 205
Club I want to join
Club Soccer
Club Soccer Website