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My name is Zarek Sobkowski and I am a freshman in civil enigneering at NC State University. Ever since i was a child I always was fascinated with structure and design and all that could be done with it. Along that note I specificly was drawn to the idea of efficiency and how much we are able to improve the structures and roads that we already have. I chose civil engineering because I want to help create better and more efficient to create and improve our cities in order to minimize the ammount of waste that is produced. Our resources are limited and we need to use them to the best of our ability.

My favorite hobby is disc golf. Disc golf is played in the same way that golf is in the sense that there is a tee pad, a hole, and an object that you need to get from one to the other in the least ammount of throws (in this case). Just like golf, disc golf has a par however in disc golf you are using your arm to throw the disc hundreds of feet. While at NCSU I joined the NCSU collegiate disc golf B team.

Agario Resume
  1. Call DP Dough
  2. Ask for Mac and Cheese Calzone
  3. Request Ricotta instead of American Cheese
  4. Add Pepperoni
  5. Wait 20 minutes
  6. Pick up Calzone
Course Number Expected Grade
E115 S
MA111 A-
MEA101 B
EC201 B-
E144 A
E101 A
CH101 B-
CH102 A
Disc Golf