This is a homework assignment

This Is My Homework

My name is Zachery Holmes. I am a at NCSU. My intended major is materials engineering. I chose my intended major because I had attended a Summer camp at NC state, and really liked the kind of work Material Engineers did. I intend to work with a prototyping company.

One of my favorite things to do is draw. It initially started as doodling on notes that I took in class, but eventually I started to draw just for fun. I then decided to take every art class I could in high school. I started drawing only with graphite pencils. As I got better at it I bought colored pencils. After drawing with colored pencils for a while I found I really liked to draw with them. After improving my skills a bit I invested in higher end colored pencils.

I like these Second Favorite
  1. Take two hotdogs and cut them vertically
  2. Take the two hotdogs and put them in a fryer, cook to awesomness
  3. Put the hotdogs and put them in the bread, put cheese on top
  4. Fry the whole thing again
  5. Eat and have a heart attack
Class grade
EC201 93
ENG101 90