Welcome to Zach's Mock Resume

A Picture of myself, Zach

My intended major is aerospace engineering with a minor in some sort of business field. I am studying at North Carolina State University. I intend to graduate in 2020.

I chose aerospace engineering because I have always had a passion for flying. I have always loved aircraft and how they function. The chance to contribute to the design of new aircraft is a dream of mine. With my degree I plan to get a job at an aerospace company.

List of skills pertaining to my degree field
  • I am a skilled scientific thinker who can approach problems in a systematic and refined manor
  • I am very creative in how design and in problem solving
  • I am a very hard worker who becomes engrossed in his work
  • Class Course Title Semester
    Calculus 1 MA 141 Fall 2016
    Calculus 2 MA 241 Spring 2016
    Physics 1 PY 205 Spring 2016