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I'm Zhenye Lu, I'm currently a first-year student in NC State University. I'm Computer Engineering intended. The reason why I choose this major is that I'm really interested in computer, including the software, especially the hardware. I've joined a programming club in high school, which let me have some basic understanding of programming and algorithm. The experience in the programming club promotes me to choose a computer-related major.

Around three years ago, I got a part-time job in a computer dealer during the summer vacation. It was a wonderfully experience for me. I met a lot of interesting people there and learned how to communicate and cooperate with others. Furthermore, I learned a lot of practical skills there, such as solving computer problems and assembling computers. I really enjoyed my time there.

  1. E 115
  2. ENG 101
  3. MA 141
  4. CH 101
  5. EC 205
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