Welcome to (some of) the Life of Zach Watkins

My name is Zach Watkins and I am currently a freshman with an intent to study biomedical engineering. I chose to pursue this major due to my interest in the medical field and my desire to design and implement new technologies.

My favorite hobby includes participating in a wide variety of sports and athletic activities. I played football and lacrosse in highschool and simply love being active and participating in any type of sporting activity.

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    How to Make the Best Sandwich Ever

  1. Put bread in the toster
  2. Fry one egg
  3. Place turkey, roast beef, and pepperjack cheese in pan with egg
  4. Place the contents of the pan on toast after cheese has slightly melted
Class Grade
PY 205 A+
MA 242 A-
ENG 101 A