My Story about Robots and I

My name is Zach Allen, and I am a First Year Sophomore with an intended Mechanical Engineering major. I chose this major largely due to a lifelong interest in robotics and automation. I have been building robots since the 3rd grade, when I started a Lego Robotics team with my friends. From there, I joined a high school robotics team, holding 2 officer positions, before securing a mentorship at a robotics company my senior year of High School. For a senior design project at the end of High School, I designed an autonomous pallet-moving robot and pitched the design to my company. The owner liked the idea, and hired me as an intern over the summer to lead the approximately $40,000 development project. This experience has led me to my intended major in Mechanical Engineering.

My favorite hobby is Baseball. I have played since I was a kid, starting 4 years on Varsity in High School. I won a 2nd Team All Region award my Senior Year of High School, before taking the summer off. I now pitch for NC State's Club Baseball Team, and I hope to keep playing through college.

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pardon my french

  1. Get french bread
  2. Put some provolone and every meat you can find on that
  3. add either ranch or oil and vinegar
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Class Grade
Calc III A-
Statics A-
E101 A
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