Who is Zack Crawford?

My name is Zack Crawford. I am planning on majoring in Chemical Engineering. I chose chemical engineering because it envelops process engineering and I want a career in that. I am also like both chemistry and engineering so it is all-around a good fit for me. I'm excited to take up this challenging major.

I like to keep up with politics. I usually read 5+ political articles a day from websites such as politico.com and thehill.com. I occaisonally write articles for my political blog. I am liberal but not easily offended or overly sensitive like most others. I am closely following both the race for Speaker of the House and the presidential race.

Politico Logo Resume
  1. Roll out dough into circle.
  2. Put sauce on dough.
  3. Put toppings on dough.
  4. Bake pizza in oven.
Class Expected Grade
ENG 101 A+
MA 242 A
EC 205 A+