Welcome to this page!

My name is Zeenat Aasim Nadvi. I am majoring in Engineering. I hope to CODA into Biomedical Engineering.
I chose this major as it includes my favorite classes, math & biology. Moreover, Designing artificial organs just sounds fun!
Also, the course schedule includes med school requirements as I might go into medicine.

My favourite hobby is bragging about how I can burn everything while cooking. I am going to take this opportunity to brag: once, I burnt milk. Who knew that was possible?
My other hobby is creating comics. Please check out my comic series "Chronicles Of Lara in college" which runs every Tuesday in the Technician.
Here is an image link to my favorite website, the website containing my previous comics:

My resume
How to get an extra cheese pizza:
  1. Buy a frozen extra cheese pizza
  2. Heat in oven until pizza becomes ash
  3. Throw burnt pizza in trash can
  4. Call and Order Domino's extra cheese pizza on (919)899-3599
Course Name Expected Grade
University Scholars Program Satisfactory
Badminton Satisfactory
E115 Satisfactory
Calculus 1 A+
Here is an image of a comic strip I created. This is part of my "Speech Bubble" Comic Series: