My name is Zachary Ang. I am a first year student. My intended major is biomedical engineering. I'm also interested in chemical engineering, so I am uncertain which I will pursue. I want to work with medicine, specifically creating it.

One of my favorite breaks is winter break. It's a wonderful time, not because of the holiday, but because I don't have any responsibilities. Final exams are done so there is no studying to do. No new projects and assignments have started yet, so there's no endless pressure to do work. I get to wake up and feel free, and that is a wonderful feeling.

Google is the Best
Chess is a Wonderful Game

How To Make Pizza

  1. Decide on what kind of pizza to create
  2. Lower your standards of what it means to create a pizza
  3. Call or order online at your local pizza store
  4. Drive to your local pizza store
  5. Bring home your created pizza

Class Expected Grade
E115 Pass
PY205 A
ST370 A

Penguins are winter break