Why Engineering? How to decide???

My name is Zachary Owen Harris Tacy, I am a freshman in the Engineering college at North Carolina State University, and am currently part of the Engineering First-Year program. I live in the Engineering Village, and I plan to CODA into the mechanical engineering program at the end of second semester freshman year. Although I am intending on majoring in mechanical engineering, I'm not 100% certain on that decision, I have also been looking at electrical and civil engineering. I want to make a difference in the world, and I plan on doing that be improving alternative energy sources and making them more efficient as well as more affordable to the general public so that it is widely accessible. At the moment I want to focus on solar energy because if harnessed correctly with the right systems would provide the most efficient and effective system, and the energy is truly endless and abundant and poses no threat to the environment. With mechanical engineering I plan on having a minor in either civil or design so that I can design and manufacture more efficient systems for this cause.

I've always been very involved with my school, in high school I was captain of 4 sports for 3 years, I was section leader in marching band and symphonic band for 2 years, and I was involved in many clubs. Now in college I am still in marching band and still run cross-country, which are some of my favorite extracurriculars. But the one thing I miss the most is welding; back home on the farm i would spend entire afternoons working on my craftsmanship with the welder and torches. Everything from fixing vehicles and machinery, to welding metal sculptures, to large contracting jobs like building a BBQ smoker and lightposts for an uprising restraunt. It was so fulfilling being able to see those sculptures come to life out of an origional pile of scrap metal. Welding allowed me to use both my technical skills and visual skills while still adapting and adjusting to the big picture of the project. I got to design and weld all the doors in the upstairs of my house as well as building the two giant doors to the barn. I've sold my sculptures to friends and a the local festivals on the farm. If I could continue doing one thing my whole life, it would be welding.

Mathmatics Savior

Peanut Butter Banana Deluxe!!!!

  1. Lay out two pieces of wheat bread
  2. Lather on creamy peanut butter
  3. Slice a banana (or two) into small-medium size slices
  4. Drizzle honey over the banana
  5. Fold the two slices to make a sandwich

Classes and Grades for semester 1
Calculus 141 Economics 205 Philosophy 205 E115 E101 MUS 131 MSE 200
90% 89% 93% Pass (S) 100% 100% 94%

Welder making metal flower