Just Coolin it in E115

My name is Zack Bodford. I am a student at NC State University. My intended major is to be a Textile Engineer, and hopefully get the chance to
design new innovative fishing apparel and equipment. Primarily, I want to be a Textile Engineer, because the jobs and tasks
I will encounter are exactly what I have always wanted to do. Throughout high school, I was constantly thinking about what it would be like to be in charge of engineering new composites, actions and tapers used in building fishing rods.
Now I am in the right place to help my dream career happen.

will barely move to avoid danger. Sloths are very open to human interaction, and are very docile overall. I have seen videos where they get stuck in the road because they can
only move about the speed of a turtle. Sloths also tend to make great facial expressions. Many times they make expressions similar to people.

How to make Pizza

  1. create and flatten a ball of dough, folded on the edges for crust .

  2. Cover the pizza in your choice of a store bought sauce
  3. Cover the pizza crust in your favorite types of cheeses
  4. Bake in an oven at approximately 350 degrees fahrenheit until cheese is boiling.

Course My Expected Grade
PY205 B
MA241 C
E 115 S
TE105 A+
EC201 A
Picture of sloth