Buenos Días

My name is Zachary Phillips, I am a freshman student currently within

the first year engineering college. My intended major is Mechanical Engineering.

I intend to major in Mechanical because of how broad the discipline is

and because I hope to someday work within the automotive industry.

My main goal is to come with the next bigger and better iteration of existing engines.

However, none of this is official as I have yet to CODA and am still within the FYE department.

I would have to say that my favorite hobby is wakeboarding. I have been wakeboarding for several years

but am by no means an expert. However, I still find it enjoyable as a hobby despite my limited skill.

I began wakeboarding in middle school after taking lessons from a friend. I normally ride behind the boat with my friends

whenever the water is warm enough. I have recently taken up going to a local cable park here in Raleigh.

The cable park a winch pulling you around a lake filled with several obstacles to perform tricks from.

Jaguar F-Type xkcd logo
  1. Lay out Bread
  2. Apply Mustard to Bread
  3. Layer Lettuce
  4. Apply Tomato and Bacon
  5. Toast Entire Sandwhich within Toaster Oven
  6. Eat Sandwhich
Class Expected Grade
Calculus 85
English 90
Chem 80

Wakeboard Tantrum