Zahid Rangwala's Resume


My Name is Zahid Rangwala and this is my Resume


College Academics

I am a freshman Engineering student at North Carolina State University with Computer Science Intent.My anticipated graduation date is June 2020. I am currently taking E115 and live on campus. I plan to CODA by the end of next semester.

Why Computer Science?

I choose computer science as my major because I took a programming class in high school and loved it. I also really like math so computer science felt like the best choice. I plan to go into data science with my degree and hopefully work for a consulting company.

Class Course Title Semester
Introduction To JAVA CSC 116 Spring 2017
Prog Lang Concepts-Java CSC 216 Fall 2017
Appl Discrete Math CSC 226 Fall 2017
C and Software tools CSC 230 Spring 2018
Data Structures CSC 316 Sping 2018