Welcome to the last homework assignment of E115 Summer START II!!!

My name is Zak Davis. I am an incoming freshman (Class of '19) and NC State. My intended major is Chemical Engineering, however I have Aerospace Engineering as another viable option. My major choice dates back to the sophomore year of high school. I took a a chemistry class which was by far my favorite during my four years of high school. It was then that I decided that's what I wanted to pursue in college.

My favorite hobby is playing golf. I work in the cart barn at a country club in Durham so whenever I get the chance I hit the links. It's a great form of exercise and just fun overall. The best part about it is because I am an employee, I don't have to pay a cart fee. As long as I don't get in the way of members I can play whenever I want.

Dogs are by far way better than cats. Dogs are affectionate, caring and make a great alarm system. Cats however don't appreciate the love and care you give them. They're self-entitled beings. There are exceptions to the rule however but overall cats are terrible and dogs are amazing.

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My personal statement for my NC State application can be found here .

Here is how you make a sandwich:

  1. Grab your bread a slap it on the table.
  2. Take your peanut butter and spread that stuff.
  3. Take your jelly and spread it over your peanut butter.
  4. Slap the second piece of bread on your first piece of bread.
  5. Done

Fall Semester Classes
Fall Class Expected Grade
Chemistry A
Calculus II A
Psychology A+

My favorite hobby.