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My name is Zachary Jones. I am a Junior at NCSU. I am double majoring in Math and Computer Science. I choose Math because I have loved math ever since I started algebra in elementary school. I then added on computer science because I love programming as well as solving problems with algorithms and the tools given to me.

My favorite hobby would have to be bike riding. I started bike riding with my cousin when I was in middle school and him and I are still riding bikes now. Biking allows you to have the wind in your hair without having to pay for gas. It also was a great way for him and I to get in shape. Biking has also promoted me to travel around the NCSU campus very quickly when going to classes.

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A Creative List

  1. Make the dough for the crust.
  2. Put all of the toppings you would like on the crust.
  3. Cook the pizza in the oven.
  4. Take out of oven and enjoy!
Course Name Expected Grade
MA 425 B
MA 407 B+
CSC 230 B