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My name is Zachary Sikora and I am currently a freshman engineering student at NC State. I am still undecided on which engineering major I will try to CODA into. At this moment, my top three choices are chemical, mechanical, or paper science. I have started to lean more towards mechanical in the last few weeks, however. It will be a tough decision to make when the time comes.

My favorite hobby is playing my favorite sports, which are soccer and basketball. I have played soccer competetively all of my life and it is easily my favorite sport to play. I have only ever played basketball recreationally but i still enjoy it nonetheless. I also really enjoy watching both sports whenever I can. My favorite soccer team is the English team Chelsea F.C.

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  1. Walk to Gumbys
  2. Order two large pizzas
  3. Pay $4
  4. Take pizza back to dorm
  5. Enjoy lunch for the next week

Class Name Expected Grade
Calc 2 A
Physics 205/206 A
PSE 201 A-

Stamford Bridge Soccer Stadium