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My name is Zeyu Shi and I am a freshman in engineering college. I have not decide my major yet because I am interested in both computer science and mechanical engineering, which are totally different fields so it is hard to get a double major.

I am a casual guitar player for many years; since I have a bad voice, I love to play fingerstyle guitar more rather than singing. I bought a new guitar recently and I decided to record some songs during the spring break.

google now! The Influence of the Great Cultural Revolution on Literacy and Education (I have shared this paper with you on google doc)

  1. Grab two slices of fresh bread.
  2. Put bacon, ham and cheese between them.
  3. Put it into microwave
  4. Wait
  5. Take it out
One of my favourite guitarists
Course Name Expected Grade
MA241 A
ES100 A-
PSY200 A