Homework 5a , The Greatest Sight on the Web!

My name is Zachary Kelley. I am a Freshman at NC Sate University. I am majoring in
Industrial Engineering. I want to major in Industrial engineering because I like the fact that it is all about efficiency.
I will work hard in order to assure that I become an Industrial Engineer.

My favourite hobby is YouTube. I spend a lot of my free time looking up gaming videos or cool new ides that I can try out at home.
I especially enjoy Let's Play's by some well known Youtuber's. I am currently watching one on Twilight Princess from The Legend of Zelda.
I only just started, but I know it is going to be awesome!

YouTube Wiki Madness!!

How To Make A Killer Sandwich

  1. Get The Bread
  2. Get The Meat
  3. Put The Meat In The Bread
  4. Put Any Favoured Condiments On Sandwich
  5. ENJOY!!!!

  6. English Calculus III Physics
    B B C+

    Funny Wiki Pic