My name is Zach Hancock. I am a freshman at NC State University. I am majoring in engineering major currently. I am not sure which field of engineering I would like to go into yet but I am interested in Mechanical and Environmental. I am interested in Mechanical because I love finding out how things work. I am interested in environmental because I love the outdoors.

One of my favorite hobbies is playing guitar. I started playing guitar about three weeks into school starting in August. I taught myself how to play in a week and now I have already written two songs and have learned many more. I have also written chord progressions and a few tab patterns. My favorite songs to play are Sweet Home Alabama, Wagon Wheel, How to Save a Life, and the second song I wrote called Broken Path Made Straight.


My Resume!
    How To Make My Favorite Sandwich
  1. Get in your car
  2. Drive to Firehouse Subs in Garner
  3. Greet Amish with a friendly, “What’s up man?”
  4. Order a Medium “Firehouse Hero” on white bread
  5. Ask for only meat, cheese, and lettuce
  6. Ask to leave off the pickle
  7. *Amish will ask if you want the combo* Answer, “yes”
  8. Get a Cherry Vanilla Coke and a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos
  9. Sit down and enjoy my favorite sub sandwich

Zach Hancock's Classes
Class Projected Grade
MA241 A+
PY205 A+
PY206 A+

Playing Guitar at The Beach